Telegram Bot who can send posts
from different social services to your channels.

Open in Telegram

Send posts

At the moment, you can add any public Instagram, Twitter or VK page and any RSS feed.

It is enough to press Add source, and send the URL of source to the bot.

You can add up to 10 sources and 30 with Premium subscription.

To your @channels

Its enough to once connect the channel to a bot and add to it sources from different social services.

To connect the channel just press Add channel then make a bot @pstrbot channel administartor and send any message from the channel to the bot.

With settings

There is no need to send posts with links? You are welcome. Do you want to get posts only with certain words? Already done.

Posts sending can be set as you need. In the literal and figurative sense of the word.

With the so-called filters for each page you can configure which entries will be coming and how to come. It is also super easy to customize to send attachments (photos, GIF, audio, etc.)

Join us, it's free.