The PosterBot

Here we answer the most popular questions from our users.

If you did not find the answer to your question below, you can write to us using the /ask command in the bot.

Why does the bot not post to my channel or chat?

There may be several reasons for this:

  1. You should know that the bot will send only new posts that will appear in the sources after adding them to the bot. That is, the bot will not send old posts that are on VK or Instagram pages.
  2. There is a time delay after which the bot will send a post published in the source to your channel or chat. The current time for waiting for entries can be viewed using the /help command in the bot or through the «Help» button. For users with a paid subscription, the time delay is minimal.
  3. The bot has many settings for sources, including «Filters», which allow you to control the sending of certain types of posts (for example: you can make sure that the bot doesn’t send posts with videos). Perhaps the posts that appeared in the source just did not go through the filters, and therefore were not delivered to your channel or chat. You can configure the source and filtering in the «Sources» section — select the source you need and click «Filters».
  4. For sources from VK: you may have changed the password on your page — after that you need to go to the «Settings» in the bot and re-login VK (why do we need it — we will tell below), otherwise the bot will not be able to send entries.
  5. It’s rare, but it happens that some of the social services from which the bot sends posts becomes temporarily unavailable — we inform about all such situations in our channel, where the current status of the bot is always available.

Why do you need VK authorization?

The bot processes thousands of pages from this social network every minute, and there are certain restrictions on the number of requests from one person. Authorization allows you to evenly distribute the load and deliver posts from VK in the shortest possible time.

It is important to remember: the bot does not collect any information about your page, it has access only to public pages and groups.

Why create my own bot?

To start using PosterBot, you need to create your own bot with @BotFather — this is necessary in order to evenly distribute the load. One bot is capable of sending no more than 30 messages per second, and our service sends hundreds of times more — this is achieved because users connect their bots and messages are sent through them.

It is important to remember: all your channels and sources are managed in our bot — @pstrbot, your bot is used only to send posts to channels and chats.

⚡️ What is a PosterBot subscription?

In addition to the free features of PosterBot, there are functions that are available only in the paid version of the bot (by monthly subscription) — for example, delivery of audio, GIF and documents from VK, sending Stories from Instagram, or connecting open Telegram channels as sources for your chats and channels.

In addition, the paid version significantly reduces message delay — you can see the difference by yourself in the «Help» section in the bot.

You can learn about all the features of the paid version, cost and payment methods in the «Settings» section, selecting «Get a Subscription» from the menu.

How to get a trial subscription?

If you intend to purchase a monthly subscription to the bot and want to try and test all the possibilities before that — write to us via /ask a request for a trial subscription (you can also send username and topic of the channel with which you plan to use the bot) — and soon we will activate you subscription for 7 days.

We recommend that everyone who is going to purchase a subscription request a trial period — it's free, but you can fully try all the features and functions.

What is a «source»?

The source is the page on the social network from where the bot will send new posts to your channels or chats. The source can be a personal page, a group or a public VK page, an Instagram page, a Twitter account, and so on.

Also the source is an RSS feed from which the bot will send posts.

Adding sources occurs using the corresponding button in the bot’s main menu (or you can use the /newsource command), you can manage sources that have already been added in the «Sources» section — there you can configure filters and delivery of attachments.

Why does the bot not send audio from VK or send not all?

This is due to the fact that VK has long ago closed access to its audio recordings for developers (more details can be read here), so the bot tries to get links to audio files through the web version and this is not always possible. That is why some audio files may not be sent by the bot.

It is worth noting that the delivery of audio recordings is available only to users with a subscription.

How to increase the limit of sources?

Users of the free version of the bot can add up to 15 sources from different services to the bot. If you need more, you can purchase a paid subscription, users of which can access up to 35 sources.

If you need more than 35 sources, we can expand this limit privately for an additional subscription fee — for this, contact us through the /ask command in the bot.

There are no restrictions on the number of connected channels and chats in the bot.

Why are Instagram posts delivered with a long delay?

The fact is that Instagram actively fights against any bots and automated tools. Our bot uses Instagram accounts to access data and it happens that a social network blocks our accounts. In order not to exceed the allowed number of requests to the Instagram, it is necessary to increase the delay in the delivery of posts from Instagram.

The delay time from Instagram is ~30–40 minutes from the moment the post appears in the source.

Where to write if the bot lacks some very necessary function?

As we repeatedly wrote earlier, you can contact us, tell about all your suggestions, ideas and errors found in the bot through the /ask command — there a living person will answer you.