PosterBot allows you to automate delivery of new posts from social services and RSS feeds to Telegram channels and chats.

You connect your channel or chat to the bot, send links to sources, and the bot starts check new posts using links you've sent and send them to Telegram.

Sending attachments, adding buttons and text, filtering by words and links โ€” PosterBot does all this and much more.


Customize messages look in your channel. The bot can attach a link to the original post, add your own text or buttons. Bot can also replace words or expressions with ones you specify.


You can set the bot to only send posts based on keywords or stop words. Or not to send posts with links and skip sponsored posts. You can filter posts by attachment type.


The bot can send photos, documents, videos, GIFs, and music to your chat or Telegram channel. From Instagram, the bot sends stories, and from YouTube, it can send video and audio.


You can set the time intervals during which the bot will send messages. You can adjust the intervals so that messages do not arrive too often. If necessary, you can enable silent sending.

Text Replacement

It is possible to set words and phrases (regex-enabled) that the bot will remove or replace with yours. You can also configure the removal of links, logins or tags.

Reactions and Buttons

The bot can add buttons with custom reactions to messages, as well as attach additional buttons with any text and URL.

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